Friday, February 14, 2014

Blogging Memories...

Even though my blogging days are over I wanted to do an official last post. From the start to the finish about my bogging days.

It all started when my sister Alanna was searching online about innerstaru (when it first came out). She stumbled upon american girl fan.That's like the most popular doll blog ever, so you've probably heard of it. We both had two dolls; I had Felicity (Historical) and Lanie (GOTY 2010) and Alanna had Ann (just like me, possibly retired) and Chrissa (GOTY 2009). We decided to open up our own blog, and called The Dollightful Blog.

After a while we decided to open personal blogs. I made Everything I love and she made The Everything Blog. I started following a lot of other doll blogs and made tons of blog friends. After a while I made Pink Pansies (I know such an awkward name) and later changed it to Magically Meg and I gave it up a fairytale type theme.

I don't know why I did this and it's one of my biggest blogging regrets, but  I decided to quite The Dollightful Blog. (WHAT???) I guess I wanted to make Six Dolls, Six Times The Fun (aka The Dolls of Innerstar Central) even though I could have kept both.

After that I opened up E-Pals 4 Dolls so that dolls could have email pals. It was really fun and it was actually inspired by Pen Pals for Bloggers (couldn't find a link).

I absolutely LOVED making blog designs, posters, ect. so I created Dazzling Design Studio. It was slow it first but then it got up and running and I was overwhelmed! So I "hired" a few fellow bloggers to help me out.

I'm not exactly sure when I made it, but I loved reading blogs with multiple girls like Six Faraway Friends (which is now Seven Faraway Friends) so I emailed so girls and we created Forever Friends: Friendship Diaries where we had a subject each week and we would all do a post.

Then I stopped posting randomly, I guess I really wasn't in the mood (blogger's block you could say). I tried to do it more but I just couldn't keep up. I just wanted to tell all my followers, blog firneds, family and everyone who's reading this that this has been amazing and I'll miss blogging dearly. You've all been so supportive and such good friends to me. Farewell.

Monday, June 3, 2013

New email//IMPORTANT

Most of you probably know, but I changed my email. I'll still check my other one for a week just in case. Also, I'll still use my google plus and blogger accounts. 



Monday, May 20, 2013

My summer bucket list

Every season I'm going to make a bucket list of things to get done. (I'll post an update every month.)

1. Reread the whole Harry Potter series
2. Read the hunger games books
3. Read the Divergent books
4. Make my own music video (with dancing and singing)
5. Create a weeks worth of cute summer outfits
6. Have a late night with my best friend (I'm not aloud to have sleepovers)
7. Finish the first book in a series I'm writing
8. ^Post it on my blog^
9. Learn how to play the Harry Potter theme song on the piano
10. Have a lemonade/cookies stand
11. Have a jewelry stand
12. Start a club
13. Be in a play with my best friend
14. Buy at least 3 new summer songs for my iPod
15. Have an hour long bike ride with a picnic and everything
16. Make a huge collage for my bedroom
17. Go on a long road trip
18. Go kayaking
19. Go camping (without getting sick, because I always do :P)
20. Go swimming
21. Memorize the lyrics to 3 of my favorite songs
22. Learn how to edit videos
23. Make an american girl doll movie
24. Make a short story about friendship
25. Do everything on my bucket list by September 1st

It's a lot to do, but I'm up for it! Everytime I pass something off I'll do a post about it.

What are you planning on doing this summer?

Explaining the lack of posts...

I've been gone for months! I'm \really sorry, I'll be posting every time I can now. As you may have heard my computer wasn't working so I tried to post on my iPod. Apparently the blogger app didn't publish my posts, so yeah.

Sorry again!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Inspiring the cute link up

Hi! Today I'm going to do a link up from Sierra @ inspiring the cute. (Pictures are from pinterest/google images unless otherwise stated.)


So to do it I'm going to post 10-15 pictures that I think are cute and/or inspiring. Enjoy!

Dance photography

1. Dance photography

Golden Retriever Beagle mix

2. Golden retriever beagle mix. 

Mother daughter necklace.

3. Mother daughter necklace.


4. The Eiffel tower


5. A young dancer

Spring blooms of the Brandywine Crabapple=Looks like a rose tree

6. Pink rose buds


7. Cute hair and dress

Essie ballerina pink.

8. Nail polish

Cat for Megan

9. Calico cat

Daughter of the King

10. Princess

Winter portrait

11. Winter

12. Friendship

Have a good weekend!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Being Eleven

(I'm back from my break! For more about that click here.)

(I got the idea for the title from Jess at caterpillars dream to fly and the lives of us.

A few weeks ago, on a Tuesday, I turned eleven. I went shopping with my best friend, and we got manicures. 

Me with my nails!

Then, we wen't to fruitland and I got a strawberry banana smoothie, my favorite. It was really god.


On my Saturday, I had a really fun birthday party. I invited all of my friends and we had a really fun time. Me and my sister had decorated the house with lots (and lots) of streamers! I'll post some pictures on google+ later. 


Being Eleven is great! I'm really excited. Here are some cute pictures/quotes about birthdays, and growing up. Enjoy! (Disclaimer: Their not mine, I found them on pinterest. But the little definition under them is written by me.)


Dreams: On your birthday, some of you greatest dreams come true. 


It takes courage to grow up: Be yourself; it's okay to change, but still stay true to yourself. Even as you grow up.

Little girls :)

A daughter: You love your family; Your family loves you,  always remember that. 


What if it's not everything I'd dreamed it'd be: It will be great, and if it isn't, just move on. It's great to dream, always have a goal in life. What happens after you've achieved your dream? Keep going. Think up a new dream, and enjoy life for everything it has to offer.


Beautiful: Just because your hair isn't perfect and your clothes aren't perfect and you might think you're ugly, DON'T. The best way to be beautiful, is your inner beauty. Just be yourself and be your best.

That's all for now, I'll post again soon!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Posting break...

If you've already read this post on everything I love or friendship diaries, just skip it.

I'm going to have a little posting break. I have a lot of orders and school work to do. I'll still be doing stuff on the computer in my free time, but I won't have time for many posts. I might post sometimes depending on how long the break is.

Anyway, I'll post again in a few weeks!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Alanna!

I just wanted to wish my sister a happy birthday, and tell her how great of a sister she is! 

Sisters are different flowers from a garden...

It's actually kind of weird becasue she had her party a week ago, it was really fun. We went sledding and ate really yummy brownies that she made. (She's really good at cooking!) See more here. She's also really good at sewing, she makes a lot of my doll clothes. 

Her delicious sugar cookies. 

Alanna is really good at photography! Here are some of her pictures.

This is part of a spring photo shoot she did with Kassandra.

She's really good with angles.

A really cute picture of Amy she took.

She also likes photo editing and recently entered american girl contests. Here are some of her entries.

This was for the theme, adventure.

This was for the theme, myself.

My sister Alanna is really fun, kind, creative and a great sister! Please visit her blog here. And comment, wishing her a happy birthday. I'm sure she'd really appreciate it.

Do you or your siblings have any birthdays coming up?